This blog is an account of some of my thoughts that I have while working at a gas station in Wyoming. Mostly it is total bullshit nonsense, and it is summertime, which is why the blog is called Summer of One Thousand Bullshit. Despite complaints about the actual job, the experience surrounding the job is actually totally fucking all right.

Visually the blog is not interesting because I don’t know anything about blogs or how they should look.

I have a small, almost ignorable paper cut just below the top knuckle of my left hand middle finger. To be honest, I hardly even notice it!!!


This blog is NOW about living in small mountain town called Rangeley, Maine and working as a barista in a ski lodge. I should probably change the title to Winter of One Thousand Bullshit, but I don’t know how to do that.

Also, that paper cut has healed really well since June. To be honest, I forgot that even happened!!!!!!!


Now this blog is going to be about the 9 months that I will be spending working as a waitress at a Chili’s in Barboursville, West Virginia while living in Huntington, West Virginia. The best part is that it’s summer again so the blog’s title is totally legit once more!

On the subject of small cuts I have suffered, I have a fucking enormous small cut wrapping around my right ankle that I have no idea at all how I sustained. I just looked down the other night and my foot was covered in blood. Some times I scratch it with my foot and it hurts like shit!!!! Hopefully nine months from now when I update this section, it will have healed and I will have forgotten all about it.


The blog is now about living in South Lake Tahoe, California and working for a North Face store affiliated with Heavenly Ski Resort, as well as at a Chili’s in Carson City, Nevada. I have nothing to report on the cuts front, which is fantastic, I suppose.


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